Re-Skinning Anima, part 2: Dragon Ball Z

With the sudden resurgence of popularity for Dragon Ball Z, I figured it be great as a topic for reskinning Anima! For those who somehow managed to avoid both anime … Continue Reading →


The House Rules List

Many groups play with a number of house rules. Things like “you can use your Inspiration after rolling but before knowing if you succeed or fail” in Dungeons & Dragons … Continue Reading →


Go Big or Go Home

I have had the pleasure of starting up a new Shadowrun game recently for a combination of “newbies” and “veterans” to the game and so far, after a very successful … Continue Reading →


Alternative Rewards

What do you give your player characters as rewards besides money? This is a question that I have been asking myself more and more often as I run games lately, … Continue Reading →

Soul Calibur

Re-skinning Anima, Part 1: Soul Calibur

I’ve said before that Anima: Beyond Fantasy has a very busy setting, to the point where you could just slap “fantasy version of” before any sort of work of fiction … Continue Reading →


The Problem with Puzzles

In classic dungeon-crawler games such as D&D, you are likely going to encounter some challenge that cannot be solved simply by your wizard casting dispel magic or fireball nor your … Continue Reading →


An Intro Run

So, as it happens, I am going to be starting up a new Shadowrun Fifth Edition campaign here soon – schedules permitting – for a rather mixed group of players. … Continue Reading →


The Bonehead’s Favorite Complex Games

The Gamemaster has talked before about the advantages of complex games. Complex certainly does come with plenty of advantages, since I believe that it’s within boundaries that we’re able to … Continue Reading →

Reaching too Far

Session Length

A friend of mine asked me to discuss session length here at the Gametable, and I will agree that it is a good thing to discuss but it also isn’t … Continue Reading →


Involving Players in World Building

I have seen many a gamemaster put a lot of effort into creating a custom campaign setting only to see the game quickly go cold as the players failed to … Continue Reading →